Local Artists Exchange

Our gallery is proud to exhibit an artist from our local Monterey community every three months in our Local Artists Exchange.

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Current Featured Artist

Our current featured artist is local painter Inga Yontz. Originally from New Mexico, Yontz moved to Monterey 16 years ago where she has spent the majority of her 20-year art career. She has a passion for large-scale work. "Reaction" is Yontz's first solo exhibition, featuring over 19 pieces of mixed media works of art.


We are hosting an artist reception on 3 December 2022 in celebration of her solo exhibit "reaction" which will run until 31 January 2023.

yontz final_edited.jpg
yontz final.jpg
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Upcoming Featured Artist

Check back here for more information or follow us on Instagram @mhaasalvadordali for updates!

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