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Local Artists Exchange

Our gallery is proud to exhibit an artist from our local Monterey community every three months in our Local Artists Exchange.

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Current Featured Artist

Our current featured artist is local artist, owner of Imagine Art Supplies, and art mentor with the Youth Arts Collective, Germain Hatcher.


"Beyond Bullwhip Days" is Hatcher's attempt to resurrect, reconstruct, and remember history as it was and is, in its rawness and layered beauty.

Join us in celebrating Black History Month as we strive to represent the strength and fearlessness of the incredible community through Hatcher's inspiring art.

An artist reception will be held on Thursday February 23 from 6:00-8:00 pm at the Stanton Center. Click here to RSVP today!

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Upcoming Featured Artist

Check back here for more information or follow us on Instagram @montereyhistoryart for updates!

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