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Psychological Problems to resolve by having an ESA dog - 2022 Guide

In some cases, patients need emotional support to function properly. As for their treatment, some psychologists or psychiatrists advise them to get an ESA dog. For that purpose, they need an ESA letter. With the help of that letter they can get a dog that can be their companion as long as they need it for their treatment.

Everyone is so busy and indulged in their work and family lives that they hardly get anytime for their own selves and meditation. No matter what is your age, everyone deserves some me-time and a moment of reflection and relaxation in their everyday life. For such purposes some people keep pets. They can make their master’s lives a bit lively and happier.

Either is a common pet dog or an emotional support animal letter, they need training. Dogs are very fast learners but every household has their own rules and patience or acceptance level. For that reason, training your doggo is an absolute must. Different tools or toys can be used to train your dog such as a dog whistle. It is one of the most important tools that is commonly used around the globe to train the dog.

If you are new at this and do not know how to do it or train your dog with the help of a dog whistle then do not worry, I have got you covered. Here I am going to give you some really effective tips and steps that you can use to train your doggie. So often we hear people suffering from depression or anxiety but due to their landlords they can keep a pet. Even in buildings or housing areas where pets are not allowed, an ESA dog is allowed. By showing the esa letter for housing, one can bring the doggie inside their homes/flats. It can really make their day and lives better and boost their whole treatment process.

  • Use a whistle with the same frequency throughout your training period. Different frequencies can be interpreted differently by the dog and they might not understand your command.

  • Use a specific number for blows for specific commands. For instance, one whistle blows means that you want the doggie to come to you. Two whistles can mean ‘sit’ or ‘fetch’ etc. It all depends upon you what you want to mean by the different number of whistle blows.

  • Decide and practice your whistle cue.

  • You have to transfer your commands to the whistle from your voice. This can tell the dog that whenever it hears a whistle, it means you are calling it or giving some command. Do not let it become a toy for your dog, instead teach it that this is how you both train together.

  • Practice again and again with your dog and give them time to learn. Yes, they are fast learners but still it gets time to get used to something.

  • As soon as your dog does something right or understand you instantly, give it a treat. This will not only motivate them to do better and listen to you but also make the whole process quite fun.

  • You have to repeat it till the dog makes a connection with you.

Training your dog can be really fun for you and your doggie. It can also divert your mind from the usual tensions that you might have. Dogs can become such good friends who will understand and obey you well if you have trained correctly. Have fun doing so and it will be such a good experience I can assure you that. You can apply for an esa letter online from

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