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Is milk good for ESA felines? - 2022 Guide

Medication is not the only solution to mental health problems. You need emotional support to completely rid yourself of mental trauma. With an emotional support animal letter you will start your journey towards self-recovery. By showing your new companion immense love and affection, you will start to see a ray of hope. Follow the provided guideline to learn more about ESA’s and their diet.

Once you have got the required documentation, you can legally own a cat, even if there is a no-pet restriction in your apartment. As soon as your cuddle-partner arrives, you have to make it feel comfortable in the new environment. Make sure you provide the esa letter for housing, water, a place to rest, and some toys so that your cat feels welcome. A very common mistake that a lot of new owners make is feeding them milk directly.

Cats vs Milk

You should never give your cat human food even if it looks at you with big adorable eyes. It is wise to consult either a vet (preferred) or at least the internet before you feed your cat anything new. This is because your fluffy companion’s body isn’t designed to handle all kinds of food. They will unknowingly eat or drink whatever you provide them but their bodies will suffer in the long run. Here are some facts regarding the consumption of milk for cats:


A wild cat stops drinking breast milk at the mere age of around 5 weeks. After that, solids are consumed for the proper development of their health. By feeding your cat milk, you are going against nature which is never a good idea. A similar principle applies to making your cat vegetarian. You should provide cats with food that is good for their health.


There is a high chance that your cat will be allergic to milk. Common symptoms that you might observe in a milk-allergic cat are constant scratching (due to irritation), dry skin, and meowing constantly after drinking milk. The rule that applies to hypoallergenic dogs also applies to hypoallergenic cats. Any pet can be hypoallergenic (unlikely to spread allergies) but still get allergies themselves.

It is your responsibility to provide your ESA with the best food and a comfortable living environment. If you do not own an ESA, don’t worry; you can contact any medical health professional (face-to-face or even online). This professional will judge your condition and draft an ESA Letterif you are diagnosed. This letter can reach your residence in less than a week, after which you can legally get your ESA

Lactose intolerance

Cats, like other mammals, do not have the enzyme to digest milk (lactose) in their stomachs. Cow and buffalo milk contains a high dosage of lactose. If you accidentally give your cat milk, you need to go to the vet immediately. Diarrhea, vomiting, and visual discomfort are some signs to look for.

If your cat is attracted to the milk

Your cat will indeed lick its lips upon seeing a warm glass of milk. This is because the scent and taste of milk make them think it is full of nutrition, which is not true (for cats). Your cat may crave milk if he/she is dehydrated. Make sure that your cat is drinking enough water. If your cat is, and has been drinking milk for quite some time, and seems to have no allergic reaction, you may continue (still not recommended).

An emotional support animal can help you recover from mental trauma faster. The choice of animal totally depends on your own preference. When you get your pet home, you should google any food-related question that comes to your mind. Consult multiple authentic websites if you are in doubt. You should get your cat water, tasty treats, and healthy meat products rather than milk. In case you need an esa letter, do visit

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